Germania a decis că Facebook minte

Este vorba despre o anume funcționalitate din Facebook, cea cu Find Friends:

It has taken five years, but Facebook’s friend finder feature has finally been ruled as violating German laws. In fact, Germany’s federal court of justice (the highest court in the country), has ruled the friend finder feature actually counts as advertising harassment and a deceptive marketing tactic.

For those who don’t use Facebook or avoid the “Find Friends” button, it’s easy to see why the German courts, and anyone else for that matter, could view the feature in this way. What Facebook is basically doing is stepping you through logging into your own accounts (email or otherwise) so it can grab all the email addresses from your contact list. Any emails that don’t already have a Facebook account registered can then be invited.

De fapt utilizatorii erau dezinformati, nu-și găseau prietenii folosind funcționalitatea din Facebook, ci mai degrabă trimiteau invitații către contactele lor. Invitații de a se înscrie pe Facebook.

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